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Best waterproof and water resistant phones (May 2018

With the rapid increase in the competition in the Smartphone world, Manufacturers are always working on new and better ideas to keep their sales chart rising.

Is iPhone X Waterproof or Water Resistant? We Have the Answer

Waterproof, water-resistant, and splash-resistant: the

From construction job sites, to extreme weather, and sports this is the must have durable smartphone for 2013.

Military inspired with high quality rugged components minimizes the risk of damage to your phone at work or play.

The BlackBerry Motion has been eagerly anticipated after years of pressure on the smartphone brand.One such recent trend in the market is of Water Resistant and Dust Proof mobile.

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A small number of mobile phones are waterproof and ruggedized to withstand cruel treatment.The Kyocera DuraForce Pro 2 is an outdoor-ready smartphone rigged with specs like a wide-angle Action Camera, a 2.2GHz (top-speed) eight-core processor, and a waterproof, drop-resistant shell.Water-resistant is another interesting adjective that describes smartphones.

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There are quite number of phones available in the market that are water resistant.

Smartphones: water resistant market share 2015-2016

Water-resistant smartphones have become very popular, and for good reasons.The terms are often used for electronic and digital equipments or items.The correct definition of the term water proof is that the product completely resists the entry of.Water-resistant smartphones are becoming more popular, especially with the launch of the water-resistant iPhone 7.There are quite a few water resistant smartphone now available in the market.

For anything else (licensing, billing, etc), please visit our Help Center.It is usually accompanied by an indication of the static test pressure that a sample of newly manufactured watches were exposed to in a leakage test.Smartphone manufacturing companies are these days launching devices with good performance and protection level.Water resistant phones have become a major selling point for a number of high-end manufacturers.

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How Water Resistance Ratings Work for Gadgets

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It refers to the fact that smartphones can repel water, but up to a point.More and more smartphone manufacturers are launching phones with IP67 and 68.This probably explains the fact that we now have more water-resistant handsets than ever, including expensive, flagship models.The Galaxy S6 and particularly the S6 Edge are (almost) all they could have been.

Best water-resistant and waterproof Android smartphones

Sony has introduced a pair of new Xperia smartphones, which combine the familiar sleek design cues with durability and water resistance.

What will happen if you fry a water resistant smartphone

Waterproof smartphones, even those with the highest degree of impermeability and therefore totally waterproof, are so resistant to water, but only under certain conditions.

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